Refund and Replacement policy

After Payment

1. If you cancel order within 3 hours after placing order then there will be deduction of 10-15% of whole amount, (Because payment gateway charge 10-12% {international transaction} commission when you place order on website) and if you cancel the order after 3 hours then there could be deduction of 30-40% product amount (Stitching will be also deducted if applicable). If Stitching would have not started till the time then stitching charges will be given back to customer.

2. If you we are not able to provide product which you order (Sometimes products get out of stock just 5-10 mins before you order, it takes time to update on website). then 100% amount will be refunded (without any deduction).

2. Refund amount would be given to you between 5 to 14 days only through Western Union.

Payment On Delivery (Only For United Kingdom)

  1. Pay  £12 in advance and shop up to  £80 in single order.
  2. Payment link will be sent to customer once parcel enters united kingdom. But it will be on hold at U.K. depot till the time customer does not clear the pending balance.
  3. Once payment receive in Kulkouture’s account then tracking number will be shared within 2-3 minutes and parcel will be delivered on same day or next day.
  4. If you deny to accept the parcel, then  £12 (advance) will be non refundable. If you make request for same product within 7 days then it will be delivered to you.
  5. After 7 days Product will be shifted to Kulkouture’s warehouse in U.K.

After Receiving Order (100% Amount can be refunded on Products only)

Follow these steps to claim your refund or return (If case of Damage / Torn / Stains) when you receive your parcel:

1. You need to click the picture of slip “shipping details” mentioned on parcel.

2. You need to make parcel opening video from starting to ending while checking your Products. If anything would be damaged and missing would be recorded in video.

3. A Slip (shipping details) and video should be very much clear, stabled and focused on product.

4. All 3 steps mentioned above should be followed very slow. So that video and picture could be analyzed properly

5. Refunds will be given on products. Shipping cost and Paypal transaction fee will not be refunded.

6. New products you can also get instead of refund at free of cost (it will depend on the current circumstances and discussion between customer and our finance team as well)

7. No Refunds will be given, If there will be minor difference in stitching (Because sometimes customer take self measurements or not able to give proper measurements). But if there will be huge difference then refunds could be given on specific product or Stitching amount would be refunded

8. Note- Refund/Replacement wouldn’t be accepted if you wouldn’t follow above steps.

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